the one in the parma location is horrible. these people act like they run the place.

they are so full of themselves. they need to get secretly evaluated by their boss because they are way too comfortable with themselves. is it because they see how many people don't have what they have? never in my entire life have I met such people of pride.

they treat the customers like they are beneath them. at first, you'd think they are really nice but what they do is they stretch the truth out. I was told I'd be working a part-time/ full-time job. the job REQUIRED over time.

why did they even mention part-time? because if they didn't, I wouldn't have gone there. they also don't talk about ANY of the details of the job, you only find out later for what it is. it also seems they only have one employer available.

by the way, the positive reviews on this site are PAID for.

you can hear the fakeness in every one of them so don't believe any of those. also since the pay checks go through them, I wouldn't trust them being honest with any of them.

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